Whether you’re seeking specific advice, or simply know that you have a financial issue and need a solution, we’re here for you.

We provide bespoke advice, completely tailored to your individual needs.

The main services we offer are summarised below.


One of the unique aspects of working with LG Futures, is that every member of our advisory team has held high-level accountant positions in local government, with all advisers having qualified with CIPFA.

Key Features

Providing assurance on accounting practices

Assessing accounting issues and suggesting pragmatic solutions

Working with authorities on accounts closure

Reviewing Collection Fund approaches and recommending best practice

Supporting and reviewing council tax and business rates budget estimates

Hertsmere BC has always used LG Futures’ expert advice on funding and resource planning. We’ve also more recently received first-class support from their new accounting service, which has informed our decision-making and provided high quality working papers for audit.

Matthew Bunyon
Head of Finance and Business Services
Hertsmere BC

Medium-Term Financial Planning

With increasing national financial pressure, it is likely that more far-reaching changes will be introduced even more frequently. In such scenarios, up to date intelligence and expert analysis are critical.

Undertaking savings and income generation reviews

Government policy scenario planning

Cost pressure modelling, including changing demography and service demand

Taxbase and income forecasting

Tracking government grants and modelling future changes

LG Futures’ highly developed forecasting models, interpretation and ongoing support are invaluable to our medium-term financial planning process.

Jaclyn Gibson
Chief Finance Officer, City of Lincoln Council

Funding Formulae and Business Rates

With significant statistical and modelling expertise, we specialise in all aspects of central government funding to local authorities, including reviewing/developing formulae and supporting lobbying cases.

Assessing current funding levels and the potential impact of funding reviews

Advice on business rates retention, pilots and pooling

Protecting and maximising local resources through reviewing appeals and bad debt provisions

Advising on the accounting and resource implications of designated areas

Reviewing existing and developing new national funding formulae

The Hertfordshire Pool was kept extremely well informed throughout the business rates pooling process as to potential risks and rewards, enabling each local authority member to understand the local and pooling impact of decisions.

Being able to forecast the level of resources; and, crucially, when they would be received, was critical in our ability to understand the in-year and future resources position.

Scott Walker
Head of Corporate Finance
Hertfordshire County Council

Policy and Research

Putting, and keeping you, ahead of the curve is a central tenet of what we do.

Rigorous research takes time and involves knowing both the right questions to ask and how to interpret the data.

Central government departments, the Local Government Association; London Councils; and Special Interest Groups all choose us to conduct their high-profile policy reviews and research.

Cost and funding implications of central government policy proposals

Developing user-friendly models to identify the potential implications of new national developments

Preparing the evidence base and financial case to assist in lobbying

Carrying out large-scale surveys; quantitative analysis; qualitative interviews; developing case studies; and facilitating stakeholder workshops

LG Futures led research for the Department of Health and Social Care, partnering with the Personal Social Services Research Unit, to devise tools, collect data and quality assure the largest ever dataset for the review of the Adult Social Care Relative Needs Formulae. This consisted of detailed small area data from over 50 councils and a national survey of 13,000 care homes.

Jonathan White
Economic Adviser
Department of Health and Social Care

Events and Training

With the right skillset and insight, your people can be your greatest asset.

We help them succeed in their role, through tailored, focused and engaging events and training, delivered by absolute experts in their field.

Providing monthly webinars, covering the latest financial and funding developments

Delivering quarterly regional and on-line workshops, covering emerging issues in greater depth

On-site bespoke financial training for finance professionals, budget managers and members

Developing blended materials, including e-learning modules; user guides; podcasts; quizzes; and case studies

Chairing meetings and workshops, facilitating discussion between groups of stakeholders

LG Futures’ Collection Fund training delivered strategic and technical knowledge, and also highly practical experience of completing the accounts.

Everyone left the session having picked up a better understanding of how it all fits together and how their work contributes to the wider picture.

Simon Freeman
Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Finance (S151),
Harlow Council