Equipping Your Finance Professionals to Deliver More With Less.

LG Futures provides a range of subscription services, through our Financial Intelligence Toolkit, to equip your finance professionals in delivering more with less. Details of the contents of each subscription are provided below.

  • Unsure how robust your resource planning is?

    The Resource Planning Hub is an extensive source of forward-looking online guidance, supplemented by dedicated expert telephone and email support, to inform and improve the robustness of your resource planning.

    Key features of the Hub include:

    • Subscribers receive a complimentary place at each of our regional events.
    • Latest detailed local authority funding analysis at your fingertips, including national developments, recent trends and future forecasts.
    • Identification of ‘at a glance’ highlights, key implications arising and checklists.
    • In-depth evaluation, supporting a local assessment of funding resilience in your authority
    • Coverage of the full breadth of the main sources of finance. This includes council tax; business rates and levels of appeals; fees and charges and use of reserves locally, and also covers RSG; top-up grant; NHB; and other general/specific grants externally.
    • A range of over 20 Tools to support individual authorities in reviewing their own funding trends and projections and enable comparisons with other authorities. This includes Tools on balance of funding; council tax; business rates and levels of appeals; reserves; and fees and charges.
  • Overloaded with complex funding developments?

    Receive expert, timely and informative briefings on the national funding issues that will impact upon your authority.

    Detailed Briefings - comprehensive coverage and analysis of funding announcements, including Spending Review; The Finance Settlement; Local Government Resourcing Consultations; and Major Policy Developments.

    Monthly Updates - regular round-ups of topical finance issues.

    E-Alerts - instant alerts, highlighting important announcements and funding opportunities.

  • Uncertain about your financial future?

    Our comprehensive Medium-Term Revenue Resource Forecastmodel provides continuously updated forecasts for your individualauthority, with full telephone and email support.

    Key features include:

    • Continuously updated five-year forecasts for your individual authority, with full telephone and email support.
    • Local authority specific data pre-populated to avoid users having to input data locally.
    • The ability to change national and local assumptions e.g. CPI, council tax and business rates taxbase growth.
    • Forecasting resulting business rates income; levy and safety net amounts; pooling income; and Section 31 grant payments.
    • Identifying the interaction between the Collection Fund and General Fund on business rates.
    • Forecasting council tax income, based upon forecast taxbase and rate changes.
    • Potential upper and lower funding scenarios for your own authority.
  • Too much data, not enough interpretation?

    These user-friendly benchmarking reports enable you to readily compare your financial position against similar authorities and nationally, identifying areas for potential further investigation.

    Unit Costs Report - expenditure per unit of activity and savings that would potentially be achieved by moving to upper, median and lower quartile spending levels.

    Savings Report - identifies changes in budgeted spending at individual service level and enables you to compare your savings with other authorities.

    Fees and Charges Report - identifies fees and charges income as a proportion of service expenditure, showing where income is relatively low compared to other authorities.

    Local Taxation Report - shows council tax and business rates trends, including taxbase changes, business rates growth, council tax levels and collection rates.

  • Pressures on social care costs and performance?

    These comprehensive analysis reports benchmark your authority’s social care costs, performance and value for money

    Adult Social Care - potential range and magnitude of savings at benchmark levels; detailed unit costs and performance data/traffic lights for individual services; value for money scores/charts; and future demographic/cost projections.

    Children’s Social Care - potential range and magnitude of savings at benchmark levels; detailed unit costs and performance data/traffic lights for individual services; and value for money scores/charts.

"With so many late announcements and continual changes to the financing of local government, the Financial Intelligence Toolkit is a life saver! We’ve subscribed for the last five years, to access the insightful, personalised, analytical summaries, and always sign up for the full package."
Joe Chesterton, Director of Finance & Resources, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

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